Hulu Internally Beta Testing Subscription Based Service



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If Hulu is making money is anyones guess. Do they have income? Yes. Profit? Maybe.

The furthest behind I've seen a show is 8 days, not bad at all.

SO how much is a monthly subscription worth, would new releases being  offered for "rent" work?



The only way I can see this working out is if Hulu keeps the current free service and adds a "value-added" subscription service with absolutely no advertising and perhaps a few other perks (larger episode archives, etc).  Otherwise, people will just go back to what they did before Hulu -- namely, Bittorrent.

The suits don't get it yet -- they're competing with free.



The way I see it Hulu may be free but the most current episodes on there are 5 weeks behind if I remember right.  If they start a paid service they would be able to show the most current episode a day or two after it has aired if you pay.  I don't think it is a bad idea but it needs to have some careful thought put into it.  If they start charging for stuff that is already free from them, then yeah it would be a bad thing but if you are paying for something that was not available for free before then there is no problem.  Keeping with the time frame of if it is this old then it goes to the free part or for the people that really want to keep up with the shows they are watching then you can pay to watch it.  I am thinking that is why Hulu and a few other places got nailed before is because they were showing the most current episode right as or right after it was put out causing problems for ratings, I am not totally sure on that but that is my thoughts on it. 



This is actually false. In the case of most current TV shows, hulu airs the show 24 hours to 7 days after it has aired on TV. The delay is decided by the network that aired the show. I don't think I have ever seen a show that is posted 5 weeks late. Perhaps what you are thinking is that generally hulu offers the last 5 episodes (usually 5 weeks) of most shows. Again, this is not by decision of hulu but by decision of the network or studio. Lastly, and this is just an educated guess, but networks aren't really that concerned with hulu posting their shows too closely behind the airing (as long as it isn't the same day.) What they are concerned with is hulu offering all the past episodes and past seasons, because that cuts into DVD sales. What is the point of buying all those old seasons of.... bones, if you could watch them all for free online?



They need to have way more content, I subscribed to netflix only to find I ran out of things to watch in a couple weeks. I mean I've seen all those movies so many times. These sites really need to change there website formats, and these online commercials that say "click to play the ad again" I don't think have a clue.



I could care less.  I don't even use Hulu -- I just download the shows.



They are making enough income with the ads they have on the website, they should just stick to keeping it free.



no, no, no, 


 myself, and prolly many others, would stop using hulu if it was a subscription service. if i wanted that, i would use netflix. no, i use hulu because it is free. 

 however, if it were to became a cost, i would just go to the shows websites and watch them there :) 



I am sure some people would pay, but the majority would not.  And i would be the majority.  They are going to ruin a great thing by greed.  Nobody learns.  Greed is what got these people in trouble at wall street, and those bank execs that needed a bailout so they could go on extended vacations. :/  i do not mind the commercials one bit.  There are few of them, and they do not last long.



 i've said it a few times

You don't build a service on free content then decide "ok now you have to pay"

People will walk in DROVES

Now if you  want to do it right you can check out what they did at (warning: Kinda/sorta NSFW. Really it depends with that site it kind of walks the line)

They still update free stuff every week, lots of free stuff but a few select pieces are primium/pay

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