Hulu to File for $2 Billion IPO



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Don't get me wrong, I love Hulu, and the delivery is decent, though I may have to refresh or restart the browser everyonce in awhile, but overall it works and compared to how often it does work, crashes are rare (I blame adobe :P).  So, I don't even see the point in owning a regular TV if I don't have to share the viewing experience with anyone else.

I think that their paid plan should eliminate commercials rather than add back content, or maybe give the option.  I for one am not paying for commercials, that's why I DO give netflix my money.

I have been noticing delivery issues with Hulu as well, ESPECIALLY with the Hulu Desktop, which has been completely crippled for me for the past few weeks.  It won't play the content, it will play the commercials though, and that's the important part.  Couldn't hurt to include advertisement voting to the desktop app as well.  That's be $250K for the consulting Hulu.



Lately Hulu has not been impressing me as much as it used to, lately it locks up all the time.  I know its something to do with how Hulu is streaming because I just go directly to the network and no problems for the same content.

Has anyone else been encountering the same problem?




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Hulu is really starting to suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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