Hulu Could be Going Public



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Heck no!  I can already predict the death of Hulu.  I'm not an expert, but from a common sense point of view... Not exactly a good company to invest with, just because of the product they're selling.  Maybe if they make their Hulu Plus similar to Netflix, and have less dependence on currently running tv shows (ie: tv network shows) which is also good to carry, but the longevity of the company would be based on agreements to show old tv shows and movies (from other rights that aren't with tv networks) -- not currently running shows.  The only reason they are able to get currently running shows is because the tv networks own part of Hulu (not a sustainable business model).  The tv networks would rather viewers watch on their TVs to watch the commercials, not to watch the shows on Hulu or tv network websites.  But if they also have strength with having agreements with non-tv networks, then they have a stronger business.

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