HTML5 Video Battle Heats Up with MPEG LA’s Call to Arms against VP8/WebM



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The US Constitution does not permit corporations to hold patents or copyright. The constitution specifically states that artists and inventors may hold those things for the purpose of promoting the progress of the arts and sciences.

Corporations neither invent nor create. At best, they organize people together to do these things but they themselves are not people (despite what the Republicon and corporatist supreme court might say).  Patents and copyright were intended to help the little guy but instead, they do the exact opposite as so called "intellectual property" is used by large corporations to shut down any potential upstart competetion.




The VP8 video codec is the bedrock of the open-source WebM video format erected by Google to challenge the dominance of the royalty-encumbered H.246 encoder


Its H.264

Thanks in advance



thanks for pointing that one.

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