HTML5 Reigns Supreme: Adobe Kills Mobile Flash Player



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Tis a sad era to hear this.  It almost feels like it was an announcement that we're going backwards in technology; albeit I am glad to hear that they're still continuing to develop Flash for PCs.

Owning both an iPad and a Samsung Galaxy, I've always felt that Flash content exceeded HTML5 in terms of performance on Mobile devices ( PC experience? Forget about it.  There's nothing out there that even comes close to Flash in terms of Performance OR ease of Development ).  In regards to development and maintaining?  HTML (any version) is old school web programming to start with.  It's almost like the difference between developing games using a Modular Programming technique versus an Object Oriented technique.  To minimize what Adobe was doing and accomplishing with Flash because Steve Jobs rejected it and refused to make his Mobile devices compatible with it, is just flat out wrong.

I think this was a bad move on Adobe's part..... Adobe and Apple were playing chicken and Adobe swerved first.



Change is the only constant in the universe... if we aren't changing its almost as if we are going backwards.

i am not thrilled that FLASH may be goin', going... gone soon however a good relief is that Adobe has a programme called Adobe EDGE in the works. the preview looks good.

the programme actually opens a workspace in HTML5 with all assets as JavaScrpits.... all custom coding can be done with any text editor.... nice!!!




We all knew this was coming. But I dont regret having the OPTION for both on my phone. Jobs was still wrong to try to impose his personal poreferences on everyone else. 



It seems that all mobile devices have had lack-luster performace with Flash.  I have yet to hear about a positive experience in this space, not to mention the desktop arena's continuing issues with performance and security.  I own a Sony Dash which has an entirely flash based interface.  This is a device built from the ground up to operate in this environment using the same processing power as many mobile devices, and the experience is dreadful.  The interface lags, there are memory leaks, and as I use it to play Netflix every night I usually wake up the next morning to a crashed Dash, which isn't so great considering the primary function of the device is as an alarm clock.  I think it is about time Flash goes the way of Real Player.



Desktop performance with Flash has always exceeded any other variation of content delivering design.  Java has limitations and will easily crash when you throw too much content at it; Hyper Text Markup Language (regarless of what number you put after it) is old school.  CSS?  A developer's nightmare when it comes to maintaining along side the HTML files.  Flash works great, uses little memory (your PC, Mobile Device, etc.) and can handle a lot more than anything else I've ever developed in for Web content over the last 18 years.



This is very good news for the open web.

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