HTML5 Hole in Major Browsers Lets Sites Fill Up Your Hard Dive



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LOL, Hard Dive? I don't even want to know what that is!



Out of curiosity, was "Dive" meant to be a pun, or did the writer really mean to say "Drive"?

Not trying to be a grammar nazi, but I think editors are slacking when they proofread articles their writers create.


Dorito Bandit

Here's what I do. I use Opera as my primary browser (for safer browsing) with NO plug-ins of any kind installed. With no flash plug-in installed, my browsing is extremely fast and I'm not hammered by all the flash banner ads and such. Plus, Opera has an awesome built-in pop-up blocker. I will also use an alternate browser (IE 10 or Chrome) for when I want to go look at porn, I mean watch videos and stuff. You know, research! The alternate browser will have the flash player installed for my "research".

Just try it and you'll see what I mean.

Take care everyone and peace to all!

I'm Dorito Bandit and I approve this message! :P



The Pirate Bay fills up my hard drive, but in a good way.



It just says 5MB's used. o_O

Edit: Ha, now it's working.


Bullwinkle J Moose

No, "This" is a Hard Dive

....and his platform has a built in sandbox!


Dark Blade

Just one more reason to love Firefox



I remember the good ol' days....When your browser got hijacked on a weekly basis; your home page was set to some phishing site; and you were besieged with pop-ups and redirects as you struggled desperately to browse anywhere BUT the new home page. Oh, and those wonderful new tool bars you would be gifted with one wrong click of the mouse . . . what fun. Happy times abounded with mystery software that moved onto your computer every time you went online.

Good days, indeed.

Dumping IE and switching to Firefox was a life-saver back in the day. And when NoScript came along . . . wow. It's how things should have been all along.



You had me laughing because of the great accuracy with which you described those wonderful days of yore!
It really was crazy back then. Almost any search for "free" stuff lead to porn, and those endless pop-ups could only be stopped by the trusty Alt-F4 combo.
Bosses must have loved those days, since you would NEVER be able to leave those sites in time, if they decided to spring a surprise attack. lol
Turning off the monitor looked fishy too, so you'd just have to go to the last resort -the Reset button on the front of the PC, and just say that it froze again.

I am VERY VERY grateful for Firefox, AdBlock, and NoScript as well. Now, I don't even realise that sites have ads, unit they ask me to allow them in order to raise funds.



Or fix the issue instantly by switching to Firefox...


I Jedi

While other fellow techies I know have betrayed Firefox for Chrome, I still stand by Firefox.



I haven't kept up with Firefox in some time. I do remember there being an issue with a memory leak... Has that been addressed?



Fixed ages ago. Now everyone has a memory leak (yes, even chrome). But firefox's memory clean up means that they can code poorly and still not crash your system.

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