HTC Starts Scrubbing Carrier IQ From Sprint Phones



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Holly Golightly

Cellphones are so primitive. I guess it is a good thing that HTC is listening to the people. The people always win. But still, these cellphone companies are too expensive. To me, they will go down like the cable industry. Think, expensive, bloated packages that you will never fully use. You pay more than what you need, yet get limited at the same time. Things like Roaming, Overages, Data Caps, 9pm, Peak, and now Carrier IQ... At some point, they are destined to crumble. They are not interested in providing a reliable service, their only interest is generating a profit from you... And this is where Verizon and AT&T start selling your location via GPS to advertisers... Because your bill is just not enough profit. These big companies are getting creative with their limits... I must hand it to Sprint for limiting broadband for other mobile devices to accommodate the latest Apple iPhone... Pathetic. The big telecoms are going to claws their way to death. You'll see. The future is VOIP!!!

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