HTC Rhyme is a Phone for the Ladies, Coming to Verizon for $199



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Holly Golightly

Hurray!!!!!!! A phone designed for us girls!!!!!!!!!!! I just know this phone is going to sell big bucks! I will admit, I was tired of the boring man colors of black or silver. The HTC Ryhme is no pink phone, but purple is good enough. Still, I miss having a pink phone. The last pink phone I ever had was a Motorola Razr. Best color phone from Verizon no doubt. I stood with it for a very long time. The LG Dare and Motorola Devour were good, but not feminem enough. I want a phone that will be as girly as my Razr, with the curves of the HTC Trophy and the build quality of the white iPhone 4. Maybe my taste is in the minority, but I do not care... Girly for the winning!!!!!!!!!



Its $100 dollars for the phone and $99 for the purple plastic.



I'm a guy, and I love purple.




This is why I buy black or silver hardware and then get a skin in a pretty color or design if I want color. I get to retain resale value and can change its look whenever I want. Also, minimize the sense of being patronized.

The sad part is, color and good tech specs should not be mutually exclusive "features." A woman (or a man, too) shouldn't feel like they're an idiot because they wanted the purple phone.



Good job HTC. You have THE MOST brilliant marketing EVER. You have fairy names for the hipsters/girls. Rappy and hip-hoppy names to apeal to the "urban" crowd.....

Can't wait for the commercial of "urban-from-the hard-skreets" kids driving Kia Soul's with huge rims drinking Moutain Dew:Code Red and flashing their "gangsta" HTC "Rhyme" and "Bass" phones saying how "hard" they are and "shawty be all up frontin' with hurr" 

Also good job on saving money as a company. This cost the same as a DROID Bionic from Verizon but has about 1/3 the power.....and no LTE. Its all good though, the "urban" kids that buy this phone have no idea what "LTE" is.....heck I'd be surprised if they even know the differende between a iPhone and their "Rhyme".



the sad thing is... i think my gf would like this... because it's purple... 






that is all.

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