HTC Profits Plummet 70 Percent in Q1 2012



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@Supall.....ATT isn't the only carrier getting a HTC One Series phone. Do your homework.



Maybe if HTC would start upgrading their six-months-old models to ICS, they wouldn't be losing so many customers. . .



I got a HTC desire about a year and a half ago and i have to say i was/am very impressed with the quality of the phone, it has survived numerous drops from between waist and should level height. that being said i am sold on their products and will be upgrading as soon as i can justify the buy out on my contract of $10 per month remaining. hoping i can find a HTC one that is not 4g so it could be a true quad core vs the dual core. I live in Canada so i may be able to find a true quad, because for what i need, 3g speeds are acceptable. i mean heck, i have an air card through TELUS, and picked it up when they were silly enough to offer an unlimited plan with a fair use policy, so every month when they whine about me using 350 GB + over 3g, i just say yup, I'm on a fair use policy, and yes i do use a fair amount and then say have a good day. 3g speeds are fine two kids up stair watching youtube, wifey watching some documentary and me streaming music all at the same time. it seems to be consistently between 5mbps and 10mbps (600KBps - 1.2 MBps). while 4 g speeds would be nice, it's total over kill.... wow i got completely off subject, any ways..... GO HTC you are what I "Desire", and soon to be my "One"



It seems that HTC doesn't want to sell to no-contract carriers. Samsung and Motorola offer low tier phones to Cricket, Metro PCS and many more. Guess who's getting all of the sales? If HTC would throw in a lower model WP7 or Andriod to these carriers, they'd be selling like hotcakes. HTC, looks like it's time to get off your high horse.



Its unfortunate that the One series is only for AT&T in the US. Still, the US is a saturated market and the focus for HTC will most likely be in developing wireless nations such as China. I want HTC to stay competitive, although they are at a bit of a disadvantage. Motorola has the hardware quality. Samsung has the display technology. HTC is caught in between and they're recent addition of "beats" isn't enough to lure consumers. Hopefully that will change.

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