HTC: Owning an iPhone Isn't Cool



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Google N1 - First to get the latest updates... no cost to tether... unlimited data plan... iCrap can suck it's antenna



So, Jobs has no clue, but the old bald ceo that looks like ballmer's cousin knows?  I had an HTC when I lost my first iphone, and i gave it away and bought another real iphone.  yes, gave it away.



"Cool" is a matter of perspective or opinion. I purchased an iPhone 3GS about 2 years ago when I didn't really know what Android was. Despite my disliking for Apple I have to admit that it's a great device and the iPhone 4 has the best screen that I've seen so far. My contract with AT&T is up this November (finally!) and the iPhone 5 still looks appealing.

This is an obvious but poor marketing ploy to try and influence buyers.



So does most things Apple comes up with.



"This is an obvious but poor marketing ploy to try and influence buyers."

Maybe so, but I see quite a few teens with Blackberrys now, then with iPhones or Android devices. I do not know what the appeal is for them with a Blackberry, as it is not current, is slow, does not handle hmtl email to well, and the phone quality basically sucks on them. The only thing I can think that attracts them is Blackberry Messenger as they live for texting, and that is one thin Blackberry does well



Teens like to look older and more matured (hence the blackberry). Also you can usually get them for cheaper and sometimes with no data plan. They have great keyboards for texting, too. Android is sort of lacking in the keyboard department.

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