HTC Outs Desire HD and Desire Z Android Phones



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Being a UK resident, I'm extremely excited about having a "GSMified" EVO!!!!

I've been holding onto my G1 now for a couple of months, despite being eligible for a free upgrade... I couldn't get the same phone as the rest of the Android peeps here at the office and a t-mobile rep had hinted at an upcoming release.

Now I guess I'll have to keep an eye on the T-mobile UK site!!!



i could be wrong but isint the g2 going to have a 5mp camera? 



I have been waiting for the official release of the Desire HD.  I don't care if it's released in a US carrier or not, I will purchase one from Europe if need be.  Can't wait to get my hands on one.


Ryan Whitwam

You likely won't get 3G.



Why is it that we need 100 different versions of Android handsets when iOS users are complacent with just the iPhone-4 and iPhone-3GS?



Why would we want a choice when steve jobs can make our decisions for us? As long as we are going down that road, why make any choice? Lets all just move to a communist dictatorship and let the governemt make all of our decisions for us. iPods and Trabants for everyone!


p.s. - Can we track down these spammers and firebomb their entire fraking family?


Peanut Fox

Because any manufacturer can make an Android based handset, and most of them do.  While only Apple is able to make a handset with iOS.  



There's a reason we don't use the iphone, you know.

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