HTC One Sans Sense Software is Reportedly in Development



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Great. Let me know when they release a version without that superpixel nonsense. Oh, it takes better photos in low light situations like bars? Yeah, I'm 32 married with kids, how often you think I'm taking photos in bars, HTC? Just put a normal camera in it like the one in the Galaxy S4 that's currently whooping the iPhone 5 and your flagship phone in all the unbiased third company tests, and stop with this gimmicky BS.


Sir Hobbes3

That's cool, but I don't want an HTC device until they pull the stupid "Beats Audio" logo off the phone. If it was Bose or Klipsch or some better company that'd be a little different but Beats? Really?? Come on.



The worst thing about Carriers & there Android Bloatware they install, is the fact that you can't remove it unless you Jailbreak the Phone to get Super User Access. & then when you have a problem with the phone & they see you Jailbroke it, they start giving you a hard time about it, & sometimes, even claiming you voided the Warranty.



Ummmmm... no one ever jail breaks an Android device. It would be like filleting an orange.



I swore off HTC phones after the T-Bolt debacle but if HTC is out of the S/W update cycle I might reconsider my self imposed moratorium on HTC devices.
I agree with the manufacturer/Google joint ventures re: pure GE devices. That is what I am interested in. Any missing features can be sideloaded/purchased through apps, etc.



My opinion is only based on having shopped both very extensively but I have not purchased yet. My top features on a top tier phone are Build, Speakers, Screen Resolution, Expandable, Repairable. I felt both phones were extremely similar and I really want to add an SD. But the One grabbed my top 2; Build and Speakers. For me build is looks as well as that "solid" feel. Top tier means they are similar under the hood.

I will get a One but I think I will get the HTC version, not the Android stock version. I can always do that by rooting. I like some of the manufacturer value-add features.



I like the idea of Manufacturers and Google working to expand their phones without all the bloatware that you get from the carriers.

As long as these phones get the quick updates as the nexus, then these phones i think will sell. I just saw OS 4.3 from a Thailand convention, not named Key Lime Pie but JB. So lets hope these models will get it as well.

I am considering the GS4, it has expendable memory. I played with it today and thought the color and screen were amazing. I still have 1 month left on my contract before i decide. I like the HTC One but I am currently leaning towards the GS4, unless there an announcement of the next Nexus phone.

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