HTC Executive Reinforces Commitment to Windows Mobile



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HTC has been making PDA's and phones for years so that’s nothing new. G1 and most of the smart phones that are branded ATT or T-mobile are all manufactured by HTC. Look this is a manufacturing and design company that will make what anybody wants as long as they have a bag of money. Of course they have to loyal to Microsoft since they build their company on Windows. Big deal they manufacture the G1 they been making equipment for Microsoft since 2002. Don’t get all upset here…I been using smartphones for years and currently have a G1 but future windows mobile looks interesting.



The fact is, manufacturers are increasing paving over the antiquated Windows Mobile. Microsoft has had literally years to improve the OS and choosen not to do so, only polishing up a feature or two here and there.

Out of desperation, device manufactures like HTC and Samsung and with the help companies like Google, Opera, etc., have been renovating the UI and included apps from the top down. One day they'll hit bedrock and there'll be little incetiveto keep the core WM OS.

But have to wonder what WM contributes to Microsoft overall strategy. It's a tiny pary of their business and a small slice of the overall mobile phone OS pie. We also know the next major update has been pushed back well into 2009, possibly 2010. Isn't possible that Microsoft will exit the business to concentrate on more important products?

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