HTC EVO 4G Blazes to New Sales Records



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fuz1on_ evo4g

I can't believe that the Sprint HTC Evo 4G hasn't been declared the winner of all cell phones. I do believe that other phones may have one particular better feature but it does not contain all of the hardware that you get from the Evo 4G. Ok Apple has the retina display. That's it. Kickstand, 4G, 4.3 in screen, Front and back facing cameras, an amazing Android system which will only get better. These combinations are unbeatable. Almost everything in the apple world is price tagged. The Android phones on fast WiFi or 4G coverage can marvel at the freedom of downloading many apps that unlock more phone power. Let's see, Advanced task killer helps me kill all the processes the phone loads that I myself wish it didn't have. This makes my phone last all day. Shazam and Music Junk, wow, if people from itunes knew you could just download all the mp3s you want for free, theyd flip. The system of Android is only going to get smarter, better, and easier to use. I mean Apple is still one app at a time. With the right app on Android id be able to go back and forth from app to app. Call it, App Manager. Boom. Either way you can still access open apps. Thanks to all for reading and enjoy being an Evo 4G owner. I do!!!


Dirty Harry

Ya know, Gordon ranted about the $10 charge regardless of whether you use it or not.  If you don't want to pay the $10 then don't buy the Fucking phone!  I think it sucks.  I am fortunate, I live in a 4G area.  I'm not sold on this phone yet.  The battery life is bugging me and I read somwhere the wifi access point will cost an additional $30 per month.  Please tell me if I am wrong.



For Sprint this was the best launch ever. But keep in mind, it's for Sprint. I got one, my wife got one, and we both think these things are amazing in many ways. Comparing 'unlimited' plans from other companies the Sprint fees were lower.

Sprint was overwhelmed with service calls for phone activation but the network seems to be holding up just fine for the Minnesota Metro area.

I'm holding out hope that this Android device will finally be able to convert a few iPhone fence-riders. There's finally a comparable device on the market.

Then Apple goes and releases info on the 4th generation iPhone today ... and that seems really impressive too. I guess we'll see how those improvements pan out.



Even with that $10 dolla' taximum, it's still cheaper than any other plan (of same type) on any other carrier. I just got my EVO today and I must say that this is the best phone I have ever had the chance of touching in dissapropriate ways....I still don't like the everything google, but that can be circumvented.


Evil Claw

I think most people will be disapointed with the LACK of 4G coverage. It s only available in 25 markets and 11 other markets say they are coming soon. Soon? How soon? In this economic market do you expect any body to be dishing out money for 4G coverage? For Sprint? Plus you are going to have to pay $10 more to use 4G. Is that when you cross into the zone, or whenever you enable 4G or is that a month. If its $10 a month, and I only get 4G coverage in limited instances I would be pissed. Once again the product is being pushed out before the support can be fully in place.



According to the description of the Premium Data addon in the store its for the "wicked fast processor, top quality media experience, and high quality pics."

Its also a $10 monthly fee and "required for this device." I did try unchecking it, but it wouldn't go through.

Plus if you want to use your Evo as a 4G Mobile Hotspot for other wi-fi devices its an extra $30 a month.



Peanut Fox

Your right, but it seems plenty of people are willing to pay that Sprint tax.  

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