HP's Slate 500 Business Tablet Nearing Launch



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Keith E. Whisman

Needs to be 12" or greater display. Please start building 12" tablets. 



I'm no Apple fan, but I do have Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) as I am a software developer.


The masses do not want Windows on a tablet.  They want a table they can do the following:

  • check email
  • surf the web
  • consume media

HP is coming out with a laptop in pieces!!  It's as expensive as an iPad!  I hope they're going for a new market as they are not going to penetrate the iPad market with this.  You can give an iPad to your grandmother and she'll be using it in no time!  That's the secret, K.I.S.S.!!

Even with Apple putting out the blueprint for a successful table, these guys are coming up with things that only us supergeeks will use! Get a clue!!



Unless grandma is in business, I don't think that this is being marketed towards her.

This is intended to go into the same space as the Cisco Cius and Avaya Flare which is not a space that the iPad is well suited for.



It's called a TABLET not a TABLE.

Jesus Christ.

Do you know the difference?!


Bullwinkle J Moose

99.9% of power users really want a tablet that can control our desktop computers in realtime

By building hardware compressed and encrypted wireless video into graphics cards, we can get framerates equal to our desktop PC's streamed to our tablet

Current AND future tablets will be underpowered for years to come if you continue down this road your on


Current tablets have more than enough power to control a desktop computer in realtime and at acceptable framerates if they were used to control a desktop PC

This is not a gamechanging idea however..

You can still sell your underpowered crap to noobs who like throwing money away

But give us the option of controlling our desktop with a seperate version of your tablets that does NOT have a service contract for wireless internet!

We would rather use the internet access on our desktop, from our tablet and get better security and speeds to boot


Make it run on XP!!!



Boo urns on XP support...

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