HP's New CEO Talks PC Spin Off and Other Strategies



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So.... The guy announces sweeping changes that result in a 40%+ loss of stock value. This results in him being fired and replaced. This seems logical so far. But then his successor says they're going to continue along with his hair-brained scheme? What the hell are they thinking? Its not just Apotheker who's out of his mind, its the entire board!



"Apotheker, meanwhile, exits HP with a cash severance package of no less than $7.2 million and will have made nearly $35 million in cash and stock for his 10-month stint."

I'll never understand it, lets fire the guy for being a moron but lets leave him with $7.2 million?



So any bets on home much Whitman will get when she "leaves" in about a years time?

So at 35mill a pop for a years work say 10-20 CEOs and HPs done? No HP in 2025 then.

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