HP's Discontinued TouchPad The Number 2 Tablet Of 2011



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The TouchPad deserves every acolade.  I use it daily.  HP should keep WebOS, maybe dual boot with Android officially.



I disagree.  HP should open source webOS.  They have already shown that they are not trustworthy by dumping the Touchpad after only a month.  They can't decide whether to sell or keep their computer division, either.

Granted, there is a new CEO, but the Board of Directors are pulling the strings and they are just as culpable as the idiot Apotheker.  They still have not bothered to inform their customers what they plan on doing with webOS, so that is yet another indication that they have their heads where the sun don't shine.

I originally wanted an Android tablet and was all set to buy the Samsung after testing it.  But, I bought the Touchpad during the fire sale, as I planned to use it as an alarm clock/mp3 player in the bedroom.  I have since been using it constantly and think that the OS is much better than Android.  The only problem I have with webOS is that there are not enough apps for it.  Even when going to Precentral to get HomeBrew apps, there are not enough.  If webOS were to be open sourced, then I belive that more tablet manufacturers would utilize the OS and more apps would be built for it.

Since there are more Touchpads in the market than any other non-iPad tablet, it would make sense for app builders to focus on the OS for their apps, as long as they could be assured that webOS would be around.  If it were open sourced, it would stay around and be upgraded even faster than it currently is. 

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