HP's Compaq LE2002xm Monitor is 20 Inches of Affordable Real Estate



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I kind of have a question: Why is it that HP still brands some of its things "Compaq"? I was figuring through all the cutting and slashing, why (and how) did it survive? Compaq is now a low-end association, kind of like eMachines. Not that Compaq is bad or "needs to die", I actually have a 2-year-old Compaq as one of my PCs (and it was about the same in performance as the $600 Dell that it replaced due to the infamous Nvidia video BGA desoldering issue)...I'm just wondering how it's surviving the storms at HP???



Hey everyone, this 20" monitor is an IPS (In Plane Switching) monitor. Your 24" and 27" monitors that had great deals were TN (Twisted Nematic) monitors, which are fine for everyday use. IPS monitors are for the people who NEED ultra high quality and viewing angle (photo editors and such) and 25 inchers can go for $750 or above, compared to maybe $200 for a 25" TN panel. This is actually a good deal for those people who need IPS screens but can't put down the exorbitant cash needed for a larger IPS screen. Hopefully everyone will read this and not hate on MaxPC for reporting a good IPS deal.



Um... what part of this is a bargain? I picked up a 27" 1920x1080 Sammy with LED backlighting for 212 bucks on Black Friday. THAT was a bargain, seeing how it goes for a over hundred bucks more on Newegg and Amazon right now.



Dammit! I knew $130 for my Asus VS247H was a rip-off!



What's the point? I got a 23" LED 1920x1080 Acer for $130 on sale, normally $160, 2 weeks ago.



Am I missing something here?

I can get a 23" 1920x1080 widescreen LCD monitor on Amazon for $144.99.


 Is there something amazing about this screen I just don't see or ... ?

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