HP's All-In-One Desktop Family Grows By Four



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Looks exactly like a Mac, doesn't it =) HP already has the hardware, software and cheap international call centers (ever tried calling their support? Not in the US!), why not add motion detecting software by default and have each PC act as a security system which alerts their call center and you get notified of strange activity? That would be a freakin good selling point, don't you think? I already have a setup where I use some inexpensive software as a motion detector communicating with two web cams but I've found a bunch of videos online proving that having video footage of a burglary doesn't put you any closer to catching the thieves. Unless you call the cops while something is happening no one will look for them...


John Pombrio

Gawd, my sister and her husband bought an HP machine without asking me about it. Dirt cheap but WHAT A MESS! The computer is running Windows Vista (very, very slowly). The computer was absolutely jammed packed full of crapware that were doing a darwinian exercise in how many browser pop-ups and toolbars could be run at once. I deleted FOUR browser bars and THREE browser "grabbers" that would not even allow me to go to Google.com on Chrome. There were four separate browsers installed and three separate virus protection "starter packs". Then there were BHOs and dozens of unnecessary start up programs running. And it took forever to uninstall all this junk with lots of forced restarts.
If someone buys a "stock" computer, have a heart and sit down and wipe the drive as clean as you can. That $75 by MS for a "clean" install may be worth every penny...



I have a HP DM1z that’s a dream to upgrade and I just love. I did a HP Minimum Image Recovery and a half hour later, have a clean Win 7 64bit, with all HP’s drivers, slapped 4 gig more in it, and have a nice small, mac Airish laptop at about 400 dollars. If these are as easy to clean up and about as easy to upgrade, they should sell well to people who are not looking for a complete system build.

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