HP Will Stay In PC Business



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Mandy Storm

I'm a bit late regarding this news that HP is about to close, many business articles spread on the net now about this issue.

As an avid fan of HP, I don't think or it never crash my mind that HP will be gone in the computer industry. HP is one of the successors on the said field and the company is known for their high quality products. So it is a very very good news for me that HP decides to remain in the personal computer business after all.



Good idea. Spinning off their PC business definitely would be risky.



According to this article here:


Meg hasn't decided what they're going to do with webOS, and that they're going to be making Windows 8 tablets. I guess it seems likely that webOS is going to get kicked to the curb unless they can find someone willing to buy it.



I don't mind the death of WebOS.  We can only handle so many software platforms before it becomes too many to write apps for (unless they all got together and created shims or vms or translation layers.)

I can see why IBM sold their PC business - it wasn't exactly topping the charts unless you were talking about a business laptop.  But for HP to just give up the goose?  Didn't make sense.  Glad they decided not to.



The only one to make.  Still think webOS should stay but then again Fox News said that Win8 is coming to the HP TouchPad.



You are going to trust fox news for your news?  Oh how bias they are.  Look around, some say its going to happen, others say its not...too early for anyone to know for sure.

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