HP Unwraps Omni 27 All-in-One PC and HPE h9 Phoenix Gaming System Ahead of CES



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Neel Chauhan

HAHA HP is failing again! They're trying to go into gaming again and will make a system which nobody would buy because everyone else has a better deal on a gaming PC.

HP epic FAIL



Not really. Alot of people who want a good PC for playing games but dont have enough knowledge to build one themselves will buy it. I actually really like HP as a whole(my last 5 PC's that I didnt build were HP's) and like the Pheonix case. But I most likely will build my own anyway. Still I dont see anything wrong with it. 



Buy an HP computer?  LOL


Holly Golightly

Hey, that Pheonix computer is pretty darn badass! I like the design. Sure, it is no Blackbird 002 600Lbs capacity foot design, or sleek Firebird... But the sharp angles of this case makes it very cool. I wonder what kind of power will be under the hood? Intel, Nvidia, or AMD? Anyhow, this is definitely worth of keeping up with. I like it.

I do not get the popularity of laptops, ultrabooks and All-In-Ones... To me, these are useless mediums. If you do not need that much power to begin with, (internet) get a tablet and call it a day. You get no wires, and you can take it just about anywhere with you. I am aware there will always be a market for each platform. Including the netbook. So I am like whatever really. 

Hopefully HP can get it right this time around. I would still like to see them mess around with WebOS and even make more Palm products in the future. But for now, desktops and all-in-ones are just fine.


Keith E. Whisman

Sorry HP but an AIO has to support multi touch. I want an AIO for a computer to be used in the Loft area, in the kitchen, and perhaps in my den and my kids rooms. The family room, dining room, and living rooms would also be excellent candidates for an AIO computer attached to the wall where I can quickly access my music collection for audio entertainment, my movie collection for use as an HTPC sending movies to the big screen tv, an refrigerator organiser that helps keep me informed of the expiration dates on foods like milk and cheese and perhaps how long that meat loaf has been in there and whether it's still safe to eat. Also in the kitchen a multi touch AIO would be great for accessing millions of online recipes whenever I'm cooking or to help me quickly order a pizza when I realize that I'm just not up to cooking for the family today. Gotta be Multi touch guys. Sorry HP, sorry MSI and all the others. If it don't have multi touch, I don't want it.



HP has plenty of multi-touch models in its TouchSmart line, and I hope to see them come out with one featuring a 27-inch display like this non-touch model. You're right, if it's mounted to a wall, a touch UI is absolutely necessary. But as a simple "kitchen PC," I don't know if touch doesn't deliver enough extra utility to justify the added cost. 


Keith E. Whisman

Windows 8 is right around the corner, very much literally, later this year I believe. People like you and I are going to upgrade to Windows 8 and you know that Windows 8 is really optimized for touch displays. 

As a tablet user and Iphone user, I own and use both android and ios devices and have gotten use to touch based interfaces, I'm completely sold on them. I really can't find any reason to not want a touch screen on an AIO wherever I put it, even in the kitchen. Once touch interfaces have been fully fleshed out in our daily computing needs and entertainment, I believe that voice control will start to get popular with desktops and laptops and I cite SIRI as evidence of the beginning of voice control. Eventually you will touch all your computer screens, touch open air with gestures, and use voice to operate your computers. 

I believe that a computer without a touchscreen is not worth buying with Windows 8 releasing so soon.

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