HP Unveils Svelte 2310e HD LED Display



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stoped reading at 1920x1080. Seriouslym why does these shit heads continue to make PC displays at that resolution? What a waste



I agree with the 1080,if your refering to it should be 1920x1200 like I have now.But,unfortunatly thats where all the 23-24" monitors are going to.Its to cater to console resolutions and Blu-Ray.Remember PC Gamers are at the end of the line now.I do like 1920x1200,but really 120 pixels more? I lose more height in screen? Im not going to cry.Actually I will be going to a 1080 monitor soon.Some games now wont even code for 1200 anymore.Like Assassins creed and couple more.Not many thank god.


So all I can say is get over it,I had to.The market shifts where the money is.They care about money,its a business,not my family....



People should note that HP does use higher quality panels than similarlly priced Samsung monitors. HP uses TFT-LCD whereas Samsung uses TN-LCD. Yes, I've had both, and there's a huge difference in the color vividness. The HP bests the Samsung in every respect. If I remember correctly, HP is one of the few that uses TFT in their monitors. I happen to have the W1907 model.



Well,I have a HP w2408h thats a TN panel and I love it! Yeah TN panels picture quality isnt as good as TFT,but TFT have more input lag period.I game online and I dont need any more lag.I run wired mouse and keyboard rather than wireless due to more input lag.Bad enough LCD vs CRT have input lag.But no way Im going back to CRT ANALOG! You can definatly see the differnce in picture.I dont want to see a TFT panel either,cause then I would stick with it :-p .I have too much input lag now,Im old as dirt!



I HATE Piano-Black finishes.  It should be banned from the planet.  Even my '10 car has Piano-Black trim color, and it's impossible to keep clean or free from fingerprints.


And it's reflective as hell.  Just what we don't need on a Monitor.





That is one nice looking monitor. I don't place much emphasis on the manufacturers specs either, but I think MaxPC needs to get their hands on this one and run some tests to see if it's really the bad boy it claims to be. If it is, I know where a little chunk of my next paycheck is going.



I am not a fan of HP stuff mind you, I just buy whatever seems great at the time. I want to see tests run on this guy too. This way I know that I spent my money on something well-founded. Though this will probably be bought when my current LCD dies out.

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