HP Unveils New Generation of Envy Notebooks



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Still doesnt compare to what Voodoo PC could of implemented had they not been bought up by HP. which by the way is in the process of deciding to get rid of their pc buisness section.



It looks kind of nice and all, but the Alienware M18x keys design looks nicer, not the typical chiclet keys.  Plus at $1,999, you get an 18" display.


Holly Golightly

Wow, what a design! I like the look of the new Envy. I like the speaker grills and the whole back and gray design. I have to disagree on the looking like a MacBook Pro. It looks nothing like it. It has a black back. Mac doesn't. The keys are indentedm the mac does not. It has the slickest power button. The mac doesn't. It comes at an affordable price. The mac doesn't. It looks cooler, the mac doesn't. I do not know why every nice-looking laptop is suddenly a mac-rip off. The Adamo 13 looks nothing like the MacBook air, and the Envy looks nothing like a MacBook Pro. Heck, I remember a video in which they said "The Motorola Devour looks like a Mac Phone." Remember, Apple did not invent aluminum. Yet somehow they get credit for the material.



Tell you what, you had me at Subwoofer... any laptop that does away with the crappy "speakers as an after-thought" gets my attention. The rest seems fairly standard for mid-high end laptop, and the fanciful backlighting? I have a five dollar USB lamp that does the same thing. (well it has a power switch instead of a fifty dollar proximity sensor)



That's actually pretty slick...I'm not even going to lie. The prices seem pretty fair for a "premium designed" Windows-based notebook, too.

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