HP Unveils Cloud-enabled Future of Printing



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Personally I have no real need for this feature today but the fact
that I just bought a new HP wireless printer that now doesn't have it
is a little annoying. HP should set up firmware updates with ePrint
for the printers that have the hardware to run it. 

I would want the printer to only print from white listed email
addresses too. I'd laugh so hard if all the email addresses had a
similar format and somebody war-dialed them with
100 sheets of "your ink is low" messages!



This is all well and good until some spammer gets a hold of your printer's email address. This will have to have some sort of white list feature if it's going to work.



Totally agree with you. Spammers have gotten a hold of our fax number at work, and frequently, our printer spits out ads from spammers. So yeah, there should be a "safe-senders" list.

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