HP Unveils All-In-One Printer Capable Of Scanning 3D Objects



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Nice... people on ebay will have a kick out of this.



My cannon scanner can scan3d objects but will only render them in 2d. Whats up. Me confused too.



wait, a bit confused. Might have to check HP's explanation. Can this be used to print copies with said 3D printers? Does it just give 3 (or 6 or whatever) imgages of the object, or a 3D view that can be used in CAD software?


Brad Chacos

No, it just creates hi-res 2D images by blending the six separate images. No 3D views (or 3D printer compatibility) involved.


Mighty BOB!

Enterprising geeks could easily take those images to make a 3D model however since this is the same basis for how you actually create 3D models from photos (as opposed to the laser scanning method). The physical space/path taken by the camera arm is known, the exact location the photos are taken from is known, all that is needed are some calculations. Just look at any youtube video of people making 3d objects with 2 kinects, or heck, even 2 webcams.

The reason HP didn't include the ability to make 3D models is that the majority of their end users don't need that function so it would be a waste of development resources.

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