HP TouchPad Coming in June, WebOS on PCs Late 2011



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I believe that the webOS platform will create competition in the OS market place. Microsoft has held the torch as the dominate "professional" OS for a long time. It will be nice to see what other companies come up with to solve typical problems, and task handling situations. I for one am all about making the mouse obsolete for portable devices. I would really like to see a tablet that will allow me to use a stylus and some sort of "note pad" application I can take notes in, instead of using tons of paper note books when taking notes in my classes. The webOS approach would make it easy to "write" or take notes in my won hand writing, and easily view them in other webOS devices, say my phone, or desktop. The obvious ability to digitally store and transfer notes is huge for me.

I think it is the beginning of a good idea, and I hope that it does take off as a windows alternative, and help pioneer the industry into more/different ways of problem solving.

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