HP Testing Windows 8 On TouchPad



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its just with webos there isnt a huge app market to offer variety and windows will fix that as long as there are no flash issues



But wasn't that HP's tablet strategy IN THE FIRST PLACE? Before all this WebOS shenanigans happened, didn't HP make it clear that they wanted a Windows-based tablet? Or am I thinking about Dell...


Holly Golightly

Actually, you are correct. It was called the HP Slate 500 which ran on Windows 7. Great looking tablet, but too expensive. Here is the link to it.


If I had to guess, I would say HP is all bark and no bite. They said they were quiting the PC business, yet they make computers with Beats Audio now. Now they are reviving a WebOS tablet they recently killed. Well, I do not know what to say... All bark, no bite. I had a feeling they would not do those drastic changes. Otherwise they would have gone bankrupt.



At this point would anybody buy any tablet from HP?



It wasn't the OS on the Touchpad that was the problem.  WebOS rocks.  It was the fact that they put out iPad 1 hardware out at iPad 2 prices.  Putting Windows 8 on it will not make the hardware technology any less old.






This was reportedly an HP employee not an actual admitance from HP. They are call rumors for a reason. This is just like those supposed TouchPads that went out with Android. Who knows if there is any truth behind it or if it will even lead anywhere. If it does it won't be a resurrection of the TP, it will be an all new device, or significantly changed one. HP knows it laid an egg with the TP and they know they needed to put out a much more capable device. So why would they follow the same track and release something with the same design hardware ect?

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