HP Tells Ghosts Stories in London, Talks of Threat of Massive Cyber Attacks to Businesses



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Whitman -- like Fiorina -- is hoping to use HP as a stepping stone to Washington (remember her failed bid for California governorship?). That's why she's talking like a Republican fear-mongerer. It's also a CYA: When HP has its next security disaster, she can pretend that she predicted it.

I'll be shocked if she's still with HP in a year. Any more than that and she could find herself in the same place as Fiorina, who will forever be known as the person who turned the once-great computer maker into just one of a dozen others.

I predict a (failed) 2014 Senate run.



I suspect part of what they're trying to sell here may be big money remote secure data storage. When HP inherited the Compaq campus here in Houston a decade or so back, they got two massive Enterprise Operations Centers. They are high-security data storage and management facilities for very large companies. Exxon-Mobil and Conoco-Phillips were two who previously used the service, (and still might; I'm not in the loop).

But I can tell you having been inside them that they are like Fort Knox: retina-scan and fingerprint access stations, armed security, multiple secure on- and offsite power backups, full independent satellite links, a control room that looks like the Johnson Space Center... So she's not exactly exaggerating about their background in data security.



She sure looks like a Boogeyman with that smile. o3o

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