HP Struggles To Maintain its Hold Over PC Market: CEO Warns Investors 2013 Will Be Another Challenging Year



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How many years until they replace every last idiot in the boardroom? That is at least how many "challenging years" they have regardless if it is this CEO or the next disaster.

Pretty much a deathwatch until Agilent can buy their name back.



Heh, never even purchased an HP product in years. I'm glad that Meg Whitman only had a small percentage of California's votes for governor. I can't imagine our miserable state under Whitman. The only HP product I'm using is some old ass PS/2 ball mouse that I dug up from my "spare parts" since I'm using an old "gaming" mouse pad that doesn't work for optical mice.



Hiring Meg Whitman as CEO was the perfect move if the goal was to ensure that 30% of the potential customer base would never even consider purchasing from HP. Having a sleazebag CEO is only good for business in the financial services sector.



Growing a business with a bright future (Ebay) is not the same as trying to recover one that's been in a tailspin for years, primarily due to the poor leadership choices of her predecessors. I think she's got the brains to do it, I just think she has the time.


Peanut Fox

I think HP's biggest problem is they never bother to build out their brands. They spent all that money buying Voodoo, then even went to the trouble of trying to resurrect that brand with the Envy, Blackbird, and the Omen. Then they do nothing to nurture it, or separate it out as a high end platform to make the masses want it. Instead they look at the lackluster sales and kill the entire project.

HP has let their entire branding become another PC OEM to the mainstream. I honestly think HP just likes to buy things and squander the talent that surrounds it.



Don't make stupid decisions like the whole webos fiasco and we won't have to worry about not being profitable. .


Bullwinkle J Moose

Can she do it?

Can she provide the consumer with the control over their own device?

Can she give me control over my very own media production machine or will she be forced to make promises that can never be delivered upon?

I don't give a rats f(&% if the O.S. is called Microsoft, Lunix or HP, can it just do stuff for me with my own equipment without running to the network for other peoples stuff

I have the other computer on the KVM switch to run to the Evilnet if I ever need something!

I don't care about THAT computer!

I just need one that always works

If she cannot give up back control over our very own systems then it doesn't matter what hardware she runs it on

She cannot possible succeed when our potential is regulated by Hollywood

The hardware is IRRELEVANT at this point!

That's my prediction

I want "Record what you hear" back in my O.S.

Can she deliver THAT?

Didn't think so



Google "the dumbest idea in the world: maximizing shareholder value" ... then look up HP touchpad, cause that's #2 :)

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