HP Slate Prototype Shows Up in YouTube Video



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Bullwinkle J Moose

Just give me a wireless display with enough CPU power to control a REAL computer in REALTIME !

Anything less is crap

overpriced toys

give me crisis on the can @ 240fps, then we'll talk!




keep in mind not everyone(in fact... prob nobody) have an desktop/laptop access 24/7. this is meant for you to carry around and use as a tablet. ie. on the bus/train, traveling...etc. the device looks neat, but looks like pre-release OS/Driver is hurting it's performance. the controlls seem awkward and unresponsive



It's pretty clear that this is only a business class product for programs that won't run on an iPad but still require a small form factor. As a consumer product this is not going to work. I will wait for HP to release their WebOS pad next year.

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