HP Shareholder Wants Sexual Harassment Letter Made Public



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Hurd had to resign because the board made him, then gave him a butt load of cash to disappear to oracle land. Where hp sued him to get that money back and they did. The only good thinh hp has done in 5 years. 



How does a softcore porn actress have any credability in court when it pertains to sexual harassment?



Are you effing kidding me? Just because she was a porn actress doesnt mean she couldnt be sexually harrassed. Grow up kid.



kixofmyg0t don't take it too seriously bro, I'm just sayin. How do u go from selling sex as a commodity in one situation, totally devaluing it then go to taking offense when a guy hits on you. It confuses. I mean, I understand people can grow and maybe she made some mistakes when she was young, but can you blame the guy. I would make that mistake. And we all know courts are quick to use past history against us.

How did the sexual harassment go down? Maybe something like: "hey I saw your movie the other day, you have awesome knockers"

And what goomba highered an ex-porn star to be a part of HP's marketing firm? I work for a small casino and they did a huge background check on me. You think someone would have seen that one coming, or maybe he was too busy getting BJ's from her to notice.



That's a bit unfair. Her movies were early '90s and were tame even by '60s standards. Her past, while not secret, had nothing to do with her HP job hiring or performance.



+1 exactly!



We are an equal opportunity nation. Besides, Hurd wouldn't have resigned if he felt what he did wasn't sexual harassment. Either way, that's not the issue at stakes, the issue is that they're trying to publish documents that may not pertian to company interests.

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