HP Says No to Android, Windows Phone 7



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WebOS rocks. Go to WebOs Internals and see some of the work Palm has allowed developers to do in a completely open system. Allowing root access to the OS has allowed the WebOs community to do things that can't be done with Android or Windows Phone 7 and as readers of a magazine that caters to DIY types it's a little odd to hear the negative feedback. Check it out before you decide it's not worthy.



It's amazing how a decision can be PLAINLY moronic and a giant corporation will continue to dumb headedly sink millions of dollars into it just to watch it die later. I just feel sorry for all those people who are going to sink their blood seat and tears into this project only to be laid off in 12-24 months... hopefully the job market will be a little better for them than it is now.



I'm inclined to say, "good riddance". If HP is gonna come up with Windows 7 or Android tablets infested with tons of HP crapware and bloatware, like all HP desktops and laptops always have, then NO THANKS.  Leave the grown-up OSes to the grown-up hardware companies.




Attention: all hp desktops, laptops, printers, and servers are receiving a mandatory update which will upgrade your system to WebOS.



now thats just stupid.



I give this one full year, before they loose their ass or change their mind.



I came here to post the very same thing...  Bad decision HP....bad, bad, decision. 



Why is it a bad decision? Only those who have not used WebOS state what you said. WebOS is a more complete, feature rch and user friendly OS than iOS or Android, with no skins needed to complete its design and add missing features ala Android. Despite being an "old" os by todays standards, it still has features that are missing from both iOS and Android, so do not jump to conclusions by stating this is a bad decision on HP's part. Obviously, you ahve not seen WebOS 2 either, else you would not have made this statement.

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