HP Recalls 70,000 Notebook Batteries



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Let's re-iterate this simple fact people:


If you own one of the above models, it's not automatic that your battery has been recalled. Specific serial numbers apply


Don't be clogging up the phone lines in a pandemic thinking EVERY battery is gonna blow.  Check the website first.. follow the instructions.. and IF YOUR battery applies, THEN call support for the replacement.



As someone who works in the very specific "aftermarket lithium-ion batteries for consumer electronics" field, I am definately shocked, because I know the process we go through and our manufacturer goes through to ensure that batteries are safe.

For instance - the cells in the batteries we carry are from reputable manufacturers: Sanyo, HTC, etc.  They are all factory tested, and tested again at the distribution level.

Even with that, my company can still sell them for WAY under what HP sells this junk for.  They cut all these corners, and still charge an arm and a leg it.  We cut NO corners, and our batteries have less than a .001% defect rate at the retail level, and yet we charge between $50 and $80 for most.

Wow.  Just, WOW.



FastBatts! The pro's source for 100% OEM compatible batteries and power adapters. Dell, IBM/Lenovo, Asus, Gateway, HP, Compaq + more! Safe, secure & reliable, most $60 - $70!








When are we going to learn? Stop buying this cheap chineese crap, it hurts every company

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