HP Plans To Sell Remaining Touchpads To Themselves



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Neel Chauhan

Even HP Employees would not want an touchpad. Soon, you would get many touchpads or hp laptops when you order parts for your next build like a futuristic 20 core CPU or a 16-way SLI setup.



I'm one of those people that have to have the latest, and so I have an ipad, and at first I did think it was the greatest creation ever. However it wasn't long before the luster started to fade.

However Android hasn't done anything to make me feel confident about it either. I've heard many horror stories about Android. How the different versions can be completly unrelated to each other, so upgrading can be impossible. Meaningf your device was sold with 2.2 you may not be upgrade to 3.0 etc. 

However HPs Touch tablet did for some reason. I really thought HP was going to be the first true competitor to Apple. HP just needed time to establish themselves. Had they lowered the price to $250-$300. They could have built a huge user base, and that would have got people developing for it. Heck even at the lost they sold it for, they could still make money on it if they would continue support and production. (Hey Gillette makes zero on razors, and they seem to be doing well.)



Holly Golightly

What a shame to see competition go away right before our very eyes. It would have been nice if HP had reconsidered their tablet killing decision. Oh well...



There are still plenty of tablets out there, Samsung and Motorola to name just two besides the ubiquitous iPad.

It's crystal clear that the problem with the HP Touchpad is the value proposition to the consumer. At $100 they are the hottest item around. At $400, few wanted them when they could get an iPad for $500.

The Android tablets should fare better, since there's a much stronger developer ecosystem in place already. WebOS doesn't come close when it comes to apps, despite the many other nice things about it.


Holly Golightly

Yeah, but the HP Palm Touch Pad offered a completely different OS. An OS that was legendary for its UI. Motorola, Samsung, Acer, Sony, Toshiba, and HTC are all Google Android Honeycomb. Though they are competition out in the market, it is one less OS in the competition. So now we just have iOS, Android, and QNX. Eventually we will have Windows 8 tablets... But WebOS was really something cool in the market. Problem is, nobody really believes in innovation. They all follow Apple in terms of size, price, and capacity. I like the blackberry playbook because it is 7" so it is not the same size as every other tablet, and it uses QNX, which means no traditional vanilla flavored Android here. As for price... It proves that there is a very high demand for tablets, just not at the price Apple is asking for. $100 is the perfect price. $200 is fine though. Perhaps Fusion Garage Grid 10 will prove that the high demand still exists for tablets if the price is right. You must also remember that we are in a recession still, and $500 is just too much for some families out there. I think ultimately I am going to choose the Playbook. Just need to wait it out. To me, Android is too fragmented. My phone is Android 1.6 Donut. And my phone is not widely supported thanks to Cupcake, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, and soon to be coming, IceCream Sandwich. Soo many different versions released so quickly. Apps force shutdown on their own... Feels like Vista. I hope to see more competition like Grid OS, QNX, and WebOS.



WebOS was/is a much better and complete OS than iOS and Android, as the multi-tasking alone outshines what can be doen on the above mentioned OS's. If people are looking for affordable tablets then do not overlook Lenovo who will be releasing $200 Android tables within the month, with feature sets you do not normally see on a $200 table, such as storage expansion, USB ports and such.

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