HP May Try to Avoid Vista by Building Its Own OS



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I am sorry, I have had vista from its release and it was problematic at first, but even before SP1 it was really starting to pan out as a very usable OS. It still had some issues, but for me there weren't many deal breakers.

For some reason the media has really grabbed onto this Anti-Vista idea and is perpetuating the negative feelings for people who haven't even looked at the OS. I think that there is alot of FUD surrounding Vista and about 95% of that FUD is unjustified. Personally, I love the OS and I just wish people would give it a chance. Every person who has talked to me about not wanting/liking Vista hasn't actually used it.

 In the end, users just want something that works and that does everything they want it to. I have worked in Linux quite a bit recently and I also liked that, but its just not ready for the average end user. I was using Ubuntu and it was easy to install, but getting things setup the way I wanted them took me hours of work. Linux still has a bit of work to go before it is ready for end users IMHO.



Finally, someone to stand up to the giant, and take some action. Linux is one of the most efficient OS's, and is incredibly easy to learn. I think this is a good idea, but I also think they should use Ubuntu or another one out there.



HP needs to take a long hard look at cost involoved as compared to Mandriva 2009 RC1. Ubuntu lacks a lot of this functionality and it looks dang near like Vista already. I think it might be a good way for them to go because of the "cooker" software loading program. It would allow them to do automatic updates to their systems without breaking anything. I've used Mandriva 2008 Spring Edition and found it to be the first Windows replacement OS I've encountered (and I like to encounter a lot!). If they do as good a job making 2009 RC1 look (and act better than) like Vista as 2008 Spring looks (and again acts better than) XP it is certainly worth a look before sinking millions into a sinking ship that is supposed to compete with Redmond. Unless they have an ace (or four!)up their sleeve they need to consider WAY more optioins.



Right because people are going to order a computer with their OS instead of vista which would be much easier to learn, ignore all the networking compatibility problems, driver issues and the fact that HP has an almost nonexistant fraction of the OS making expirience as Microsoft.  Sounds like a giant waste of money when they could just use Ubuntu.  Where does HP get the idea that its OS will be better than MS'.



...so the HPer's "denial" is plausible without actually ruling out the possibility of a customized Linux distro. A customized Linux distro on DVD could enable HP to:

1. Provide a single manufacturer-approved source for Linux drivers for current and legacy hardware

2. Provide additional branding opportunities with HP-labeled versions of OpenOffice or other open-source applications.

3. Enable HP to simultaneously have more control over the computer as shipped while offering customers more options down the road.


It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.



oi people ! what HP can do is that they would work with the Linux people and get every HP hardware (new or legacy) worked into the Linux OS.

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