HP Launches TouchSmart TX2, World’s First Multi Touch Laptop



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Multitouch as in more than one screen point registered at once;
this is different than a digitizer combined with a pressure sensitve or
capactive finger touch-able screen.  Think iPhone pinch to zoom gesture.



We have been using the Dell XT Tablet for about a year - this is considered Multi-touch as well.  (Pen and touch input) - the N-Trig (input) drivers / software had been problematic - but seem to be working better since the last update.  I read somewhere that the multi-touch funtions of Windows 7 were being tested with the XT...


I would be very interested in reading a review or hearing peoples experience with this convertable tablet.




Lenovo's X61 and S200 Tablet are both multi touch, unless I am missing something, what is new about this, other than HP being late to the party? Also Lenovo's offerings have Core 2 Duo with WWAN  and 10 hour battery options.



I have the HP TX2000. On the TX2500 and higher, the low end models still use dual core, just the older RM-x chipset, not the new "panther" ZM-x, which is a lot faster. Mine has a pretty weak graphics card, not even remotely close to the HD3200.

I agree with the other poster, I never use touch, just the stylus. The touch is neat, just too clumsy for a 1200 x 800 resolution.

But I love this laptop. I've had it for about 6 months, and it's been rock solid. Combined with MS Onenote and Outlook, it's gifted me with organization, reminders, and a practically paperless college experience. Onenote rules. I love to draw on it too. And it's great for surfing the web in a car, bed, or even in a meeting. Much less intrusive than a standard laptop. I can't figure out why more people don't have tablets.

Pro tip: Go to Wacom's website and get the felt nibs. They feel much more natural. Oh, upgrade to the 8 cell battery, the shape really improves the lapop's form factor.



The multi-touch idea is neat. But I've been burned by HP notebook computers before. My current HP notebook had problems from the moment I took it out of the box, and HP support never did fix the machine properly. It's too bad that a more trustworthy manufacturer isn't coming out with this technology because it sounds interesting. Perhaps when Windows 7 comes out, and native multi-touch support is offered as part of the OS, more companies will create notebooks with multi-touch capabilities.



There is only one Norm and his last name is Chan!



I really think they will become the norm, because people like the iPhone for that very reason and I think when Windows 7 comes out, Muiti-touch screens will expode in popularity. I will most likely buy this laptop because I would really like one for school and muti-touch is just a super bonus! Woohooo! :D

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