HP Launches Pair of Space Saving Compaq Monitors



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HP's ZR30w panel you linked to is awesome, I spent a fair amount of time testing it several months back. Price is fairly decent too, for a 30-inch monitor.



so what are some guys recommended screens. I need to get 2. 1 for day trading and other for playing RIFT. 



I hate 1920 X 1080. That aspect ratio is OK for watching a movie but really sucks for most computer use. I use three 1920 X 1200 in a surround 5760 X 1200 resolution. three 1080P monitors look so narrow. Basically they are TV's without tuners. Also I will bet that these have that absolutly crappy glossy highly reflective screen, great only for dark rooms with no lights in back of you.

How about some anouncements and reviews on good, real computor monitors and not be so worried about saving $50. There is a market for BMW's you know, not all of us want to drive (place your own lest liked cheapie car name here). If I am driving a display with a pair of GTX 580's I want that display to be high class.


Holly Golightly

I love LED monitors... But HP and everyone else needs to stop cutting back on the resolution. Instead of making it 1920x1080 why not make it at a full 1920x1200? These monitors are useless when you can just use your own TV. What makes PC monitors beneficial is that they go beyond the mainstream standard of 720p and 1080p. You take those benefits away and all you have is a tunerless TV.

What I would like to see is a 2560x1600 LED monitor that is 3D ready. Or maybe a 4K monitor would be a nice. Heck, make them have OLED instead.  All of these new monitors in the market are not as impressive as their TV counterparts. I am glad that these monitors support DVI-D. I have seen some that are HDMI only. Nice monitors from HP Gateway but all they have to do is bump up the resolution.



DisplayPort's max res is 3840 × 2160, which ought to be enough for a nice high-res screen. That'll be sharp. Why haven't we seen these yet? Or for that matter, nice small bezels? NEC seems to have that right, no one else does. There's no reason for the big bezels anyway. 3D is stupid though.


Holly Golightly

The Samsung Sync Master MD230. It is wicked expensive though ($650) and has too many flaws. First being it is only 23" and the fact it is 16x9 (1920x1080) is just not good enough.


MaximumPC did a review on them as well... But as MaximumPC readers, we simply want more.



I would love to see a monitor come in 3840x2160. Anything that is higher than the typical mainstream 1080i is good for me.


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