HP Intros ElitePad 900 Windows 8 Tablet, Touts Unique 'Smart Jackets'



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And probably cost around the $800+ price point. Not worth it.



I wish the screen resolution was higher. I want to support HP, but I don't know if the "Smart Jacket" accessories, alone, will be enough to encourage people to buy this.

Why, in the age of iPad 3 and "retina" displays, would they make the resolution on this thing so low?

With all of the Windows 8 tablet/hybrid/ultrabook competition coming, manufacturers need to be piling up reasons why consumers should be purchasing their specific products, not releasing products that basically have built in flaws that they know will give consumers pause about whether or not to buy.



from what I've read it very difficult to have those high resolutions on touch screens with pen input. Apparently the pen has trouble tracking. That's why the note 10.1 is also 1280 * 800. I can live with that resolution if it's what's needed to get good pen input, but the atom processor and limited storage are more of a turnoff.

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