HP Introduces Industry's First Wi-Fi Rodent with 9 Month Battery Life



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In the article it says that if you use a wireless mouse you must give up a usb port...but unless you are using a computer from the turn of the century aren't you already using a usb mouse? Just wondering 



I,m using a netbook with  only 2 usb ports. So a wifi mouse is a boon to me. My netbook was built last month



There is no noticable lag with wireless mice or keyboards. This is a huge misconception that for some reason will not stop. I use both a wireless keyboard (Logitech K320) and mouse (Microsoft mini blu-trac) and have no lag issues other then when a battery dies. Todays wireless technology has no lag so for once and for all enough of this FUD please!!



Not true.

I have a Logitech wireless keyboard & mouse. The mouse is fine, but the keyboard lags horribly. And key combos (CTRL-C) just suck.  I have to CTRL-C three times to be sure the text went to the clipboard so I don't have to switch back and copy it again. PITA. And, yes, I am using the latest Logitech drivers and a fresh battery on USB 2.0. It is a RF keyboard so I am hoping that Bluetooth boards don't have this issue as I will be picking one up soon.

But, what I didn't grok from the way the article was worded is just how having a wireless mouse uses more USB ports than a wired one (unless the reference is to PS/2 mice in which I would question the year this article was written, haha).



Don't wireless mice usually have some lag?  Fine for regular work and casual gaming, but not so great for competitive gaming, in my experience.  Does going the wi-fi route affect the lag, and if so, how?




Back in the days of USB 1.1, the radio in most RF and Bluetooth mice was indeed a bit slower than a comparable tailed mouse, but since USB 2.0 it's really been more about the quality build of the mouse than it has been about whether or not it is wireless. Most people who complain about laggy wireless mouse actually just have cheapo mice, or are using unoptimized generic drivers.



. . . but I would rather just stick with my bluetooth mouse, since I know that works fine.

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