HP Internally Promises webOS Tablet by Q1 2011



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I beleive that the Palm web os was a great product. I purchased a Pre onlaunch day and was very very pleased with it. It was responsive and did everything. the apps as cards idea was extremely well implemented,I think Palm would have liked to bring out more devices ala Android and that would have helped....

I think my Pre was a trifle underpowered for the robustness of the OS and thought that it would be great to see it on a tablet. I hope this doesnt turn out to be vaporware.

I would like to see someone create a web os distro(?) that would work on android devices much like my brother had android  running on his win mo phone.


Keith E. Whisman

I wish they would quit making promises and just give us a date and do it already. Sometimes you just have to make a blind leap of faith like what Apple did with it's dumb dumb Ipad.


Mister Friendly

If HP can keep itself from imploding from within they stand the greatest chance to bring the truest ipad killer to market. HP industrial design combined with their proprietary OS (WebOS) levels the playing field with apple on all counts and allows them to finesse the final product to the same degree. In the end we all win. Not that your hysterical idiot fanboys will see it as such. And by them I mean you, Ryan.

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