HP Flexible Display Technology is Nearing Reality



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They should use these in building settings. Imagine walking into an office lobby where the wall in front of you is curved - and seeing a huge 20 foot display wrapped on the wall. That would be really cool. Or for PC monitors where it would wrap around the person's setting - fully immersing the player in video games.



In my nerdiest voice possible "Ohhh God, ohh Jesus, I just wet my peants!" Seriously cool tech right here. HP, as soon as you make a "62 x 38" wrap around widescreen, I will sell both of my children into slavery for it. Just let me know where to ship them!

To start press any key...ohh, where's the "Any" key. - Homer Simpson



One possible application would be the use of military maps. You could roll up the display like a scroll and place in a protective case. The screen could be large enough to plan a mission. With the use of satellite/UAV technology, you could overlay a overhead view over the existing map. Basically, its the size and flexibility that presents the advantage here.

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