HP Explains Decision to Shop Its PC Business



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Troublesome, it is, that most don't see the reality of this situation. The PC is not dead. Far from it. HP knows that. But, with that knowledge, they also see the amount of downloads Angry Birds has on the iOS platform, and it sickens them that their own mobile products weren't achieving those standards. The same goes for every other mobile-based game. It's not simply that they weren't selling PC's and mobile devices, they weren't competing at all in the fields that would net them the most profit. 

Another thorn in their side is how cohesive and fluid Apple's iCloud service will be. Never again will one need to own a PC or a physical Mac desktop/notebook to operate their iPhone/iPad. Everything will automatically download (at your discretion) to your iOS devices, as well as the set up for all iOS devices being over the air. Play around with a beta of iOS 5, and see why HP/Palm was shaking in their boots. 

Now, by no means am I an Apple fanboy. In fact, I loved the hell out of WebOS. ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. But the ship has sailed, and for now that ship's flag has an Apple on it. (With little Androids fueling the engine.)

It may be that the readers of MaxPC could never see themselves owning a tablet as their primary computing device, but the truth of the matter is that the everyday consumer wants a product that they can throw in their backpack, or their ass-pocket, that has enough power and capacity for basic computing needs (word processing, browsing, and so on), and any more is icing on the cake. If they've got to throw down another benjamin for a compatible keyboard to gain more productivity out of that device, most don't give a shit. They'll do it, and they'll love every second of it. 

It's terribly sad that a company like HP/Palm could simply fall flat on it's face, but with competitors like Apple in the personal computing realm, and a slew of other , more well know competitors in the mobile realm, it was only a matter of time. 

As for me, i'm lucky enough to have the best of both worlds, using iOS tablets and phones, while having a PC gaming rig in my home, as well as a Mac and PC notebook. Given the choice, i'd keep my PC rig and leave all the rest, but i'm nowhere near the majority on this one.


Holly Golightly

Me too. I agree with you. Tablets do seem like the future as they become more and more powerful. Sooner or later, will be will doing hardcore gaming on these things like we did on desktop replacements. My only complaint is that the screens are too small for a completely immersive experience in gameplay and movie watching. There are some things large monitors have an advantage to that tablets will probably never offer.

I want a BlackBerry PlayBook. I consider it my dream tablet because it is small emough to put in my purse, it is powerful enough to multi-task word processing, internet browsing, music playing, and casual gaming. All in one neat little package. The iPad is too big to fit in my purse. It is a big bulky square that comes in 2 colors. But yes, I know the iPad is the dominant platform here in America. It outsells other tablets, and even destroys sales numbers of laptops... And somewhat desktops. I am waiting to see what Windows 8 tablets will be in the future. But as far as I know, the playbook is perfect for me.

As for HP Palm... Palm has always been the best in software and questionable on hardware... It sort of shares a similar curse the Zune once had... Which is somewhat dead now. I would have loved if Microsoft made a Zune Tablet, because Zune, (like WebOS) has superior software in comparison to the competition. I think these companies are blind to what people actually want.

Even with "the cloud" we still need a computer that is connected to a printer so students can print their term papers. Until we get our old professors to embrace the world of technology, we will be stuck using desktops connected to printers. Same thing with working in any office. You have to use a desktop to connect to the company server to store documents. The cloud will probably never be able to penetrate this tradition. So that about tablets completely taking over will probably never happen. At least not for hospitals, corporations, universities, and hollywood studios. So yes, I agree with you.

It strikes me as odd, this new CEO, just started working there 4 months ago and completely shuts down HP's computer business. HP has always been the number 1 computer maker in the world. No matter how great Apple and their tablets may be, they definitely do not outsell PCs on a worldwide scale. There was never much of a competition in that scale. I do not think HP has much of a financial advantage anymore after what just happened. I think their choice in new CEO is the choice that destroyed HP. Their WebOS software has a long way to go if it ever wants to reach to the level of Andoid or iOS... HP just does not know what to do.

My desktop will always be my number one source of my computing needs. I use it to create YouTube videos, and because it is overclocked, I can play just about any hardcore game I feel like. There is no way I can overclock a tablet, even if I could, just imagine how short battery life would be? I think technology will be our surrounding. You should watch that concept video of the American Home in the future from Microsoft. If we are surrounded by technology, then why do we need to carry around a tablet? Our cars will be able to connect to the internet, everywhere in our house will have access the the web and everything. But for now, I will stick to my desktop, and may look into the Blackberry Playbook. Here is the link if you are curious about the home of tomorrow.




Removed for double post.




This is the first time I’ve read this blog and I appreciate the insights.

One thing none of the other posters mentioned, however, in the Fiorina-Hurd debacle is what I believe are two forms of treason.

First, when I (used to) call HP tech support, I’d have to struggle with the language/accent barrier of someone in India. By shipping these jobs off-shore, HP (as did other American firms) deprived OUR citizens of jobs and customers of decent products. Shareholders should have realized that such decisions were not in the company’s or their best interests. And, as far as I know, treason is still a capital offense. Fiorina and Hurd should be in line with bunches of other CEOs waiting for their turn on that nice little gurney in Terrre Haute.

Second, by not keeping up with the software, the HP scanner that worked beautifully with XP now sits castrated by Windows 7. HP won’t support it. As a result, I suspect many of HP’s products end up the landfills and with all their poisons leeching into the water supply, HP has contributed knowingly to the degrading of our environment.

No one will be prosecuted, but an a January 2008 interview in PC Magazine, I was asked if I would ever buy another HP product. My answer was, “Not only no, but Hell no.” I’ve stuck to my word.

If anyone who reads this blog can show my post to either Fiorina or Hurd, please do. I stand behind my position that these two people are corporate criminals. If they don’t like what I say about them, tough shit. They can contact me. My name is George Schwarz and I live in Amarillo, Texas.




The Source sold the touchpads for 100/150 today and they were gone within fifteen minutes (in Edmonton).

A lot of other retailers re following suite. It's a good time to pick one up if you re even remotely interested in tablets.



I don't know about you, but I'm clinching my desktop like a redneck to his gun.   I don't even have a tablet nor do I want one.  Heck, I don't even have a facebook account (of couse I do have a life so maybe that explains the lack of facebook).  You'd pry my gaming desktop from my cold dead hands before I buy a tablet.



I think HP put it best in the movie, Pirates of Silicon Valley. "What on Earth would ordinary people want with computers." The quote doesn't seem as funny now that the shift has begun to tablets and smartphones.



I still think its dumb to place tablets in the same arena as PCs, mobile or not.   Their functionalities are capabilities are far more limited and will probably never fully replace the laptop or netbook.  1 reason is productivity, office workers or students are far FAR more productive on an actual pc and another reason is gaming.  Good luck playing any game competitively on a tablet.  The screens aren't even big enough to really enjoy any detail, fast action game.  Those are just the two reasons that come to mind when I think about myself moving away from a laptop or desktop to a tablet... I'm sure others would have their own reasons.


Holly Golightly

The thing is, you need a PC to activate a tablet. It does not always work right out of the box... At least for Apple's iProdu¢ts. They need iTunes to activate... Or something like that. A tablet  would never be equal to a pc. I like the simplicity of a tablet, but a tablet would never be my primary computer. Imagine writing an 11 page term paper on a touch screen. Annoying and uncomfortable I am sure.

I see tablets as a more "social" tool that you use to talk to friends on Google+, or tweeting on Twitter. Playing movies on the go or browsing the web. But I am a PC Gamer at heart, and 10" screen is just not enough to be fully immersed to any game. I know the mainstream does not need all that power... And thus why tablets seem to fit the bill for most, but there will always be a market for more "hardcore" and "professionals" like ourselves. 

About the laptops... I feel that the laptop would die before the desktop will. The laptop is a lot similar to a tablet, but with a little more power like a PC. A 17" laptop screen is still not enough for me. The keys are too close, and I need to be stationed most of the time because laptop batteries hardly go beyond 4 hours. I see laptops as more of a stepping stone to tablets than a hybrid solution of tablet comfort meets desktop power. I just don't see much advantage to laptops to be honest with you. Desktops: more power, Tablets: on the go. I love my Pearl Adamo 13, but I just don't use it much. There is not much advantage to a laptop. I don't need desktop power while I am out. I feel that laptops will go away with the times of the flip phones. Clam Shell design was once popular, but made way for something better...

Why I feel desktops will last longer than laptops. I like the idea of being able to upgrade my graphics card, and add more power. It is the machine I built to my personality. I have it connected to a 32" TV, and I play in comfort. I can't see myself using a tablet on the couch. What HP is doing is following the iSheeple and their fairytale of a Post PC era. I will stick to PC even if the iSheeple will think I am stuck on a doomed platform. I am very shocked by HPs decision for sure. Although HP has a history of killing some of the best consumer products out there. Look at poor VooDooPC and the 3 computer HP killed within month. Blackbird 002, Firebird, and Envy... It comes as no surprize that HP would kill WebOS.



Most people aren't gamers. Even if they are, the games they are playing are usually the kind that can play easily on tablets as well as smart phones. Also, the tablet/smartphone tech will increase to the point where even more decent games can be played on them. You're putting your own personal anecdotes into a field where most people (the kind that don't read MaxPC) are not anything like you. 



Sorry, but most people are gamers. Now, most people may not be hard core gamers, but the majoroty do play games, whether it is on their PC, game console or laptop, but they game. Most of the top games cannot be currerntly played on tablets, for one I do not see Bad Company, Crysis,  Assasins Creed, Bioshock, Halo, Starcraft, Final Fantasy and Elder Scrolls being played on tablets or smartphones. And I do not see that changing anytime in the future, even when Windows 7 laptops release next month.

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