HP Expects PC Business to Retain Top Spot Following Spinoff



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This could be poetic justice. Hewlett-Packard started out as a test and measurement company. Bill and Dave reluctantly got into the computer market, mainly as workstations to run the test equipment. The computer side (known to us in the test and measurement side as the "dark side") went on to generate a huge amount of business. In 1999, the computer side was so large that is spun the Test and Measurement Systems divisions off as Agilent Technologies. The reason why the name HP stayed with the computers is because of name brand recognition from the public. So will the PC spinoff be called HP and the rest of the company will have to get a new name?

 You heard it here first!



You pose a very good question (HP name staying with the PC).  That will be interesting to learn.  I wonder if HP has made a decision on that internally or if there are factors that could change that decision once a serious offer is on the table.

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