HP Envy 14 Hits the Street



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Did anyone look at the docking station for this is it wireless?



I am currently typing this from an Acer 5740G-6979 which has a Core i5 processor, a Radeon HD 5650, and 4gb of DDR3 RAM.  I got it for around $700.  Paying $1000 for a Core i3 laptop just doesn't make sense when Acer has a much more powerful alternative for $300 less.



Yeah but you are paying for the chassis on the hp I'm sure the acer has a lot of plastic. Also screen resolution generally the higher end dell's and hp's have better screen resolutions than a sub $1000 acer or asus/etc. Plus their warranty is pretty good (I think they send someone out to you instead of having to ship it back, at least dell does it that way). Now I'm sure most people on here would find that not worth the premium but for a business it is really nice.



edit: it is 1600x900 and has a backlit keyboard 8-cell battery they also don't install any bullshit trial software 


Number Six

If the design were any more uninspiring, it could be marketed as a sleep aid.  I guess HP has sucked its well of Voodoo DNA dry.

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