HP Breaks the 24-Hour Notebook Battery Life Barrier



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I thoroughly enjoyed reading your <a href="http://www.bestessays.com">essay</a>. Thank you for posting this.




SSD, mercury-free Illumi-Lite LED might realise 3 more hours at the very very best 

Spill resistant keyboard and an inner magnesium shell have been available from Lenovo for years

Nothing to see here, move along 







I have an apple laptop < http://www.zwtm.com/2008/08/toshiba-satellite-laptop-on-discount/ > that needs it’s battery charged every two hours! It is so frustrating. Have been saving up for something much more powerful and I’ve decided this will be it! It looks so powerful and very robust. LSD screen sounds very nice and spill resistant is an essential after how many keyboard I have ruined with drinks.



Guys checkout this page


Scroll to the bottom of the page and checkout the battery life in hours. None of them is even close to 24hrs.

Another observation, this article was posted on 9/9/08 and even the page on HP's site was updated on same date. 

MaxPC <= A&&Holes do you just want traffic on your site or is HP paying you to write such crappy shit??

 Please provide us with some real news... 



congratulations on finding such an informative page..


further and you will see that the laptops listed are all in default
configurations, and the closest labeled is the 6910p not this laptop
specifically. also please take note that the article specifically
states that the 24 hour runtime is 100% dependant upon optional the
optional hardware listed.

LED backlighting, SSD drive, Ultra capacity 12 cell battery

 now for what i wanted to say....

for a long time now i have noticed on my laptop that the biggest battery drain is the LCD backlight and lowering its brightness gives me a longer battery life by itself compared to slowing down disabling and underpowering everything else combined in my laptop. closing the lid and using an external monitor gives an insane battery life increase (however not really feasable in the real world of mobile computing).

The path to the 24 hour computing experience lies in the ability to not need such a consistant power drain on a battery like a lcd backlight, and harddrive. When the de facto standard for laptops over the next few years includes those things expect to see a plethora of laptops that can do 20+ hours and those are not the high end with all the options.. those will be the common sellers to joe snuffy who paid 7-800 for his run of the mill 15" dell...



Beside SSD drive and LED display, How they did it? how many battery cells? does the battery cover all laptop base like Dell? if that is the case, there is nothing new except adding more battery cells and better power effecient component.

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