HP Announces New Laptop Models; This time, in Glorious HD



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Would you get more real estate from a 16:9 ratio than you would get from a 4:3?



I'm not a fan of the "new" widescreen aspect ratios.  When most laptops switched to widescreen a few years ago, it was actually a good reason, because it increased the sizes of the screens and gave gamers a better view, business people a few more columns in excel, and regular users mroe room to put their windows side by side.  The new widescreen, though, just makes the height smaller to mimic that of an HDTV.  For media, that's great, but for all other uses, it makes the screen tiny vertically speaking.  While manufactureres are saying this is great for media and all, one of the reasons behind them doing this is because it decreases production costs for them (less LCD = less money = more profits).

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