HP Announces Compaq CQ61: Capable Laptop at $399



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 just wondering why anyone would bother to buy netbook.

MPC is my home page



buddy i was just as skeptical about netbooks as you are...but i recently bought a asus 1005ha netbook and I can honestly say it has been one of the best purchases i've made yet! the portability/performance ratio is off the charts! This thing weighs less than many of my textbooks (i am a college student) and I can do pretty much every single regular tasks like microsoft office 07, web browser, messenger, watch videos (youtube, hulu etc), listen to music, see pictures....i mean common what more would you want from something as small and portable for the price of around 350$

And if thats not enough...the battery literally lasts for over 8+ hrs pretty much good for a full day of computing



This is really good news . I will wait for Fry's Electronics  to have it on sale for 300 bucks or less .



i like how the article says it comes with Win7 but the picture shows Vista



It probably has a coupon to upgrade to Seven, which is still not a bad idea.


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