HP and Mozilla Create Virtual Browser to Secure Desktops



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Good to know that Mozilla and HP still have good ideas though your example with "indecent movies" isn't the right one. I work with a hosted virtual desktop and the security here is high. I don't think I could ever watch indecent movies without them finding out! Anyway thanks for the information and hope to hear from you soon!


Keith E. Whisman

I'm sure some virus writer will find an exploit and use it. You interact with it somehow. 



This is somewhat similar to the thinking behind the "sandboxing" structure used in Google Chrome.  However, I believe that doesn't really create a full virtual layer between the browser and the OS, it just isolates every browser tab in it's own process to keep one bad site from crashing the whole browser.

What I hope this idea from HP/Mozilla eventually leads to is the ability to just right-click any application and select "run in VM" 

I really like the sound of it so far though...one of those "ahhhh, yes!  now isn't that clever" ideas 



It's the only way surf.You can go anywhere in the virtual world, without worring about viruses.


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