HP Aims to Ship Nearly 50 Million Notebooks in 2011



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While I'll ALWAYS build my own desktop PC, I'll only buy HP/Compaq notebooks. They're pretty reliable, and I have owned two HP/Compaq laptops so far. I replaced my Comapq laptop from late 2007 with the CQ62 (the current Compaq laptop out there), and it is impressive! The design rocks, and it's still built well. It doesn't ever get hot, even when subjected to a lot of "stress" (a hundred open windows), and it's pretty fast. When I decide to replace this laptop, which will be probably ~3 years or more, it'll be another HP or Compaq.Oh, and by the way, I handed down my 2007 Compaq to my 15 yr. old sister, who takes it EVERYWHERE, still going strong (except for malware, but that's a Windows problem).

Lenovo (Thinkpads) are well-built, but their lower-end models cost just as much as a midrange or high-end machine from another manufacturer. Being that I only use my laptop for when I am away from my desktop, I don't need a whole lot of performance, but I might as well.

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