HP’s Firebird 803 Mini-Tower Leaked!



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Take those parts, stick them in an uninspired aluminum box, and say hello to the Mac Mini they've been whispering about. Other than that, meh. Throw it up against the $800 PC.



I'd rock it. It's small, good processor, those video cards are enough for WoW, and if the memory is upgradeable more power to this thing.




Appreciate the effort from HP.  But this kind of specs would surely fit more on a Best Buy shelf. 

And how can you have a new PC config in 2009 with anything else but Core i7 ??  Mmmmhhhh...  definitely not a system I would recommend.


Keith E. Whisman

Well you could upgrade to the 500gig laptop hard drives, you can also use those two eSATA ports to expand with hard drives and dvd burners, and you can upgrade that proc with a faster penryn chip.

Would I buy one of these not a chance. Would I buy a laptop with this configuration and a full keyboard and 17"-19" LCD you bet. 


I Jedi

This looks very, very interesting and neat indeed. Now if the price were lowered enough to fit the budget of the middle class man, then we might see these things become pretty popular for general gamers.


And to the other poster: http://www.nvidia.com/object/product_geforce_9800s_us.html

"NVIDIA® GeForce S Series GPUs are the foundation for
small form factor and all-in-one PCs offering full NVIDIA® GeForce®
performance for games, videos, and photos." 

 E.g. What's offered above. 



WTF is a 9800S?



What exactly are the numbers in the photo for? I see no list that corresponds to it.



I imagine it´s from the leaked document, and that only the image was posted here.

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